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10) Estelle Millard 
Sagamore Hills, Oh. 44067 Location
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4-23-2016 10:08 AM Host:

Attended the Rock n Remember concert last evening at the Akron Civic Theater in Akron, Ohio to which "The Happenings" were one of five acts performing. Wow! All I can say is when you guys started singing, we were all back in the 60"s again. Go Away Little Girl and See you in September were mine and my husbands favorites. Your voices sounded just like my 45 records I have. This was the first time, we every saw you live in concert and we follow all the oldies groups that come in to our area of Cleveland and Akron Ohio. I hope your tours will bring you here again before our time runs out. I was fortunate to get your autographs in the lobby of the theater and I must say all you guys were so pleasant and cordial to everyone. I will show off my autographs (like a silly teenager). Thanks again for a super wonderful show.
9) alan barbarow 
toms river n j Location
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3-4-2016 02:24 PM Host:

Bobby I lived on Manchester ave in Paterson. we were neighbors, you lived with your sister and mother in a little white house, I lived next to school 19.I remember back in the late 50 s and early 60, I think you and a group of guys singing on the street corners on Union Ave. now 68 years old and your music is still on my cd player. my kid brother is tom. he was the one that told me about you hitting the charts with, See You in Sept. I played baseball for many years with Lenny. I went to central high with one of the Zisa brothers but I don t remember if it was Joe. Just thought I would drop you a line. I understand you live in Calif. I did also for awhile, San Digo in 67/68. anyhow keep up the tunes, I will never forget any of them
8) robert kane 
middletown,pa Location
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2-27-2016 11:49 PM Host:

saw you show at the american music theatre in lancaster,pa.
what a great show and you guys were the best
good luck in the future.
7) Ginny Ross 
Sumner Wash! Location
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2-12-2016 11:14 PM Host:

nic to know your all still out thire! Ginny Ross
6) Joyce Sinman 
Tucson, AZ Location
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1-24-2016 09:33 PM Host:

I heard you were appearing in Tucson, AZ on 1/30/2016 at Fox Tucson. Is that the Fox Theatre on Congress? I checked their website and couldn't find your venue or where to buy tickets. I would love to hear you perform again so any help would be appreciated.

webmaster 1-25-2016 12:41 AM
Theatre & Box Office Address:
17 West Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 547-3040
5) Jackie W.Griffith 
Aroda, Virginia Location
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12-20-2015 03:05 PM Host:

I have LOVED your music all my Life. Thank you all... I lived in Upper Monclair, N>J> for 20 years and never knew....but I grew up in Abilene, Texas and my deepest fear was your song. Would my girl be there when school started in September. Please let us know if you have a venue date in Charlottesville, Va. area.......Thank yu and never change, maybe the love of my life Cathy Lynn Bell
would remember me....jackie
4) Delores Hastings 
Laurel, Delaware Location
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11-15-2015 08:21 PM Host:

Dear Happenings,I love your website. I met you last year in Lancaster, PA. Your performance was amazing. I wanted to get a CD from you; but was short on cash. I see you will be in Lancaster again 2/2016. I would love to see you again. However; if I can't make it to that event; would I be able to purchase a CD from you and send a money order or check for it? Please email me and advise. Kindly, Delores Hastings
3) Glor 
Pa Location
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10-25-2015 08:17 PM Host:

Hi saw your show in Hszleton Friday night. Just wanted to say I was very impressed with the range youbstillbhave and you all sound as good as you did in the sixties. Really enjoyed the concert. God bless all of you
2) merv 
danville pa Location
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10-21-2015 05:10 AM Host:

th song see u in september.had a 3 year run wth me. whn i was in school.i had a thng for this girl.i took a liking to her.cause she was th one others made fun off.her hair her smell her clothes.n th special ed class she went to.n how she lived.poor,just like many others back thn.i wasnt in her class.we had hardly n time wth each other.lunch time was our time.i gave her a record to play.n only th last day of school. we would say see u in september!she never new i realy liked her.i never told her i was her protective friend.we never i got a ticket to see u in danville.please play, see u in,i never saw her again.m/b in september. someday.
1) The Happenings 
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10-3-2015 03:08 PM Host:

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