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21) Joanne and Jim Scaturro 
Bayville Ny Location
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1-1-2017 11:03 AM Host:

Enjoyed your show @Molloy College last night. You sound the same even better with age. Thanks for making our New Year's Eve special. Sincerely The Scaturro's
20) Gary B. 
Fort Wayne, Indiana Location
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11-28-2016 08:08 PM Host:

Dear Bob: Growing up in the 1960's we didn't have much but we did have a little 45 player and just a few 45's of your wonderful, joyful music that brought us some joy during really tough times.

Years later I would sing my two beautiful daughters to sleep singing your music, almost every night, bringing the joy back to my life and sharing this joy with them.

I'm eternally grateful to you.

Thank you so much,
19) glenn fuller 
Laurel Maryland Location
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10-19-2016 09:55 PM Host:

Love your sound & am thrilled to hear that you are still out performing. Wish you would come into the Maryland,D'C. & Virginia area some day. We have a lot of rabid Rock N'Rollers who would love to see you guys again. I have all of your albums & CD's & have converted my kids & grandkids into Happenings fans as well. Hope to take them to one of your concerts someday.
18) Todd Monheit 
Paradise Valley, Arizona Location
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9-18-2016 12:50 AM Host:

Thank for performing at my father and aunts 70th and 80th birthday party. You guys are awesome.
17) Carol Hitner 
Whiting, NJ Location
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9-4-2016 08:29 PM Host:

Bob, I grew up on Manchester Avenue in Paterson, NJ and when I was a teenager my dad had a friend who owned a body shop where you worked. I was in awe when I bought a car you and your boss had soldered together a 1960? Corvair that I bought as my very first car. I have always loved the Happenings and I think about this story every time I hear about the group. Hope you will be playing at Alba's Tuesday night in Lakehurst, NJ See you there if you are.
16) Duke S. 
Hoover, AL Location
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8-19-2016 02:52 PM Host:

Thanks, Bob and The Happenings, for the great songs and for still touring and keeping it alive.

Bob, wanted to send you a private email. Please tell me how I can do it?

Thanks and have a great, blessed day...
15) Carol & Paul 
Jackson, NJ Location
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8-13-2016 11:23 PM Host:

We saw you tonight in Long Branch, NJ.
During the summer months, we are lucky enough to attend many concerts in the NJ parks and towns. Well, we (my husband and I) have seen you many times. The Happenings are by far the best group we've ever seen. We expect to see you accepted into the Hall of Fame!
14) George B 
Fords, NJ Location
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8-6-2016 01:44 PM Host:

Dear Bob Miranda

Went to Woodbridge NJ show August 5th, we met prior & after show and discussed my fav album, "Piece of Mind'
It was a blast to meet you.
We continued our discussion behind stage but got cut short due to fan demand for your time, tried to stay later to chat further but couldn't stay.
Just wanted to thank you again for name drop during show about our convo regarding POM album.
Safe travels back to left coast too!!

George B.

PS Let's get POM released on CD!!
And maybe perform live in it's entirety?!
13) Deb Pinto 
Lincoln Park, NJ Location
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7-14-2016 10:47 PM Host:

Loved tonight's concert in Ridgefield Park, NJ, but was missing Girl on a Swing and Number One. Maybe next time?? Thank you guys for performing in such heat and humidity. You were just as great as ever. Bob M., I grew up in West Paterson (now Woodland Park), and I was just entering my freshman year at Passaic Valley High HS when your original band became popular. We were so thrilled to have a famous group evolve from our area. Then quite a few years ago we used to eat at Colucci's Restaurant in Haledon just to hear you. So glad your band has been touring. We try to attend whenever you are in the area. Wishing you continued success!
12) Evelyn Miller 
Franklintown, Pennsylvania Location
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5-28-2016 09:22 PM Host:

I would walk around as a teenager and sing your "See you in Sept" song. it was a great hit. Your voices had that special harmony.
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