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70) Frances Bollen 
Toms River, NJ 08757 Location
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10-12-2020 03:34 PM Host:

My Sister was visiting me from Texas and heard you were playing at Ebbys at Seaside Park...we had such a good time listening to you sing all our favorite
69) Lisa Lipper 
Woodland Park, NJ Location
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9-20-2020 12:38 PM Host:

I usually listen to Motown music but while working on a jigsaw puzzle on September 10, 2020 during the Covid era, I asked my Alexa to play songs by the Happenings, because I heard you were from Paterson, so near to where I recently moved. I was blown away for several hours listening to your great works. I particularly can't get enough of "When I Lock My Door." I list to it now at least once a day!
68) Joanne Dakis 
Passaic anew Jersey Location
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9-7-2020 12:23 AM Host:

I know you wouldn't remember me but I was a little girl when I met you once. You and my Uncle Harry used to be friends.

I grew up with your music and its good to see you still tour. I didn't realize that.

I'm going to be happy to hear your new released music.
67) mark shank 
manheim pa Location
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7-31-2020 06:53 PM Host:

thanks for the great music gentleman i grew up in the 70s and 80s but love the music from your era hope you are able to tour again someday stay safe
66) Cheryl yost 
Martinsburg WV Location
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6-17-2020 04:11 PM Host:

I’m listening now to your music and I just wanted you to know your music never dies I love when your at AMT in Lancaster PA Your my favorite when you tour with the others there your music makes me happy, and I then have some more energy, please come back to Lancaster, PA Your at the tops of that legend of music! Love your group!
65) Marie Haraburda 
Indiana Location
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6-3-2020 08:46 PM Host:

“See you in September” was my favorite song when I was 8. It played on the radio all summer. I still love this song today; it brings back great memories of my childhood.
64) Bob Bard 
Goodyear Arizona Location
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4-3-2020 01:55 PM Host:

Just listened to "Mammy" on Spotify--I love your rendition of that classic. I so thoroughly enjoy your music--hope you keep making it for many years to come. Stay safe and be well.
63) joe elphick 
Wrightsville Beach, NC Location
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3-27-2020 08:02 AM Host:

Just heard some of your recent performances on Pandora, great memories....
Bob Maranda....I was your paperboy (Harold News) in Totawa Boro, NJ. Remember listing to the Happenings practice in the VFW on Union Blvd!
Will try to attend one of your next concerts....Good Luck and Stay Healthy!!
62) john v 
cherry hill nj Location
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3-23-2020 06:45 PM Host:

hey guys hope you are doing well I remember you playing at dios lounge in Pennsauken NJ years ago bob had a afro then lol you wrote a song I liked called wiskey and women I liked it that was about 40 yrs ago do you remember I do take care
61) Jan E Klein 
Fort Myers, Florida Location
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1-30-2020 10:20 PM Host:

Thank you so much for taking a picture with me tonight in Fort Myers, Florida. Your performance was awesome!
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