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77) Julie Lindsey 
Nebraska Location
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10-9-2021 05:20 PM Host:

Heard the song See You In September for the NFL commercials this year and got the song in my head. (I do remember my older sister playing it in the 60's). Now I listen to the song randomly all the time and it's my ringtone! My husband thinks I'm cuckoo. It's really just my comfort song right now. Thank you for this beautiful song. and I'm not cuckoo!
Williamstown NJ Location
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10-3-2021 11:17 PM Host:

After listening and listening from small AM transistor radios to digital, remastered streams, I've reached one conclusion. That you Mr. Miranda along with Gary Puckett, have the greatest voices in Rock N Roll and popular music in general. It's impossible to listen to your recordings and not be amazed at your ability. Great Job Dude.
75) Mrs.Gracie Ann Jablonowski 
Long Island, New York Location
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5-30-2021 11:00 AM Host:

I remember buying the record “ See You In September in the Summer of 1966. I loved it, I took my Hi - Fi set outside my front door with an extension cord ( ok’d with my Mothers permission) and played that record over and over again. That song meant a lot to me because I was going to be 16 years old that September 29 th. My Mom loved it too !. I still keep playing it alt the time when I have a chance.on my iPhone. I’m glad to see Bob Miranda is still singing my favorite song. He really looks good for his age. Good luck to all the group. Keep singing, it keeps us all young. I can’t wait to see them at Hofstra University on Long Island this year.
74) Mike Britton 
Parishville, NY Location
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5-15-2021 05:39 PM Host:

When I was a Sophomore in HS in 1967-1968 I wanted to play in a R&R band. My Dad passed away a few years earlier and had taught me how play music on an old pump organ that had been in the family since 1865. We went to the Black River Music store in Watertown, NY to buy a portable Lowery Organ. Mom, although we didn't have a lot of money,thought it would be a good addition to the family. The owner of the store sold it to us, but there was a catch. It was being used for a rehearsal in the back of the store by a group of musicians that were playing at the US Army base a few miles up the road (Camp/Fort Drum) that night. We were invited to go into the back of the store to meet the band. We still were not aware of who this band was, but invited to sing along, if we knew the song they were ready to rehearse. Well, I was asked to stand near the mikestand and the band began..."I'll be alone each and every night. While you're away, don't forget to write..." OMG, it's "The Happenings"! I couldn't believe, nor could my brother, Pat, or my sisters and Mom. We talked about all the back to our home in Carthage as well when we came back to pick up the keyboard and Amp the next day. Matter of fact, we still talk about it as it was certainly one of our highlights in our family memories. My brother and I still perform this song when we play out and it is still one of the songs that gets the best appreciation. Thank you for being a part of our family history.
73) Ed Given 
Ashland Ohio Location
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3-13-2021 12:01 PM Host:

One of my favorites
72) john jennings 
olathe,ks Location
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3-11-2021 09:48 PM Host:

just listened to that cold feeling from the cycle the words and harmonies..always makes me go back to my growing up in the 60,s!!!
71) Bruce Relkin 
Shelton, CT Location
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10-24-2020 05:19 PM Host:

Bobby-just saw you singing a Trump Parody on Facebook. Hoping you are well.
70) Frances Bollen 
Toms River, NJ 08757 Location
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10-12-2020 03:34 PM Host:

My Sister was visiting me from Texas and heard you were playing at Ebbys at Seaside Park...we had such a good time listening to you sing all our favorite
69) Lisa Lipper 
Woodland Park, NJ Location
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9-20-2020 12:38 PM Host:

I usually listen to Motown music but while working on a jigsaw puzzle on September 10, 2020 during the Covid era, I asked my Alexa to play songs by the Happenings, because I heard you were from Paterson, so near to where I recently moved. I was blown away for several hours listening to your great works. I particularly can't get enough of "When I Lock My Door." I list to it now at least once a day!
68) Joanne Dakis 
Passaic anew Jersey Location
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9-7-2020 12:23 AM Host:

I know you wouldn't remember me but I was a little girl when I met you once. You and my Uncle Harry used to be friends.

I grew up with your music and its good to see you still tour. I didn't realize that.

I'm going to be happy to hear your new released music.
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